Task Force 593-1

The Task Force was made up from most if not all the company's of the 5th Maintenance Bn. I believe that there were a few other units attached such as the medavac and field hospital. Most of the armament section was from the 560th Maint, we had counter mortar guys from the LT. Maint. Co. and most of the auto shop was from Main Support Co.
Task Force 593-1 and Task Force Bono are the same thing. I do know that the official name was Task Force 593-1 There were two; T.F. 593-1 at English (with the 4th INF and 173rd AB) and on the D.M.Z. (with the 1st Cav.) at L.Z. Juliet. With the exception of the medics all the people I knew were from the 5th Maint Bn. Some people spent 90 days with the task force,others spent most of their tour on task force and their memories would be there and not so much with the company they were from. Cpt. John Brown was my CO when I left for English, when I returned a year later from the Task Force, I knew no one and most of the people at Phu Tai had no knowledge of the Task Force. I spent my last few months as the battalion expeditor
..........................................Larry Ward