Summarized from Stantons’s Vietnam Order Of Battle

Items in red are changes to the Order Of Battle based on information from people who were there at the time  

US Army Support Command

In the summer of 65, the 29th Quartermaster Group and the 5th Ordnance Bn from Ft Sill (later 5th Maint Bn) were
utilized to staff  US Army Support Command, Qui Nhon (provisional).Authorized strength at that time was 101.
Provisional was dropped 10 February 66. to become US Army Support  Command. Qui Nhon . Departing date
was 30 April 1972.


5th Maintenance Battalion  Phu Tai

 In 1966 5th Ord Bn was changed to 5th Maintenance Bn and relocated to Phu Tai  where it became part of 593rd General Support Group.


It was the 169th Ordnance Battalion which was re-designated The 5th Maintenance Battalion.

Hq moved to Phu Tai in 1967

Inclusion into the 593rd General Support Group came later after November 1968


 Hq & Main Support Co – QN  Arrived 20 August 1966  Departed 15 November 1970

     Troop strength  277

Created from the 618th Ordnance Co (Maint) from Ft Stewart, Georgia


526th  CC&S  – QN   Arrived from Ft Riley  14 December 1965  Departed 1 September 1968

       Troop strength   226
   Actually left out of Ft Hood TX by ship in Aug. 1965 as 129th Ord Co, arrived Cam Rahn Bay where it was split in half. Half went North to Qui Nhon and became the 526th CC&S


552nd  LEM – QN  Arrived from Ft Riley     6 March 1967          Departed 1 April  1972

       Troop strength  150


554th LEM   – QN    Arrived from Ft  Leonard Wood 29 April 1965  Departed  20 October 1969  Troop strength 156
Actually Aug 1966. Created in-country with the reorganization of the 56th Signal Co DS into the 554th LEM and the 85th LEM



560th LEM  - Danang ?     Arrived from Ft Mead 11 March 1967 Departed 14 Dec1970          Troop strength  180
Actually arrived MSC compound Phu Tai then moved to Ahn Khe


618th HEM -   QN    Arrived from Ft Stewart  27 August 1965   Departed 20 October 1969

85th LEM     Danang  Arrived from Ft Bliss  5 September 1965  Departed 31 August 1971
        Actually Aug 1966. Created in-country with the reorganization of the 56th Signal Co DS into the 554th LEM and the 85th LEM


86th Maint Bn  Cha Rang Valley

     Arrived from Ft Devens 23 November 1966  Departed 23 December 1971



62nd  Maintenance Bn   45th General Support Group,  Pleiku

       Arrived from Ft Bragg 7 January 1967  Departed 4 October 1972


149th LEM  - Pleiku  Arrived from Ft Hood  27 August 1965  Departed 16 April 1971


The following according to the 1st Log Command Fact Book April 1968, from LBJ library. Found online part4 at

US Army Support Command, Qui Nhon

593rd General Support Group


5th Maint Bn DS

after Nov '68  
Hq & Main Support Co
526th CC&S
560th Lt Maint Co

86th Maint Bn

98th Lt Eqp Maint Co
160th Hvy Eqp Maint Co
618th Hvy Eqp Maint Co
and two others not legible

Pleiku Sub Area Command

45th General Support Group

62nd Maint Bn DS
149th Lt Maint Co
510th Eng Co Maint
The 552nd LEM doesn't appear to be included in the 62 Maint Bn at this time but is under Pleiku subcommand

US Army Support Command, Da Nang

est 25 February 1968

80th General Support Group

85th Lt Maint Co
12th OD Det Maint
188th QM Det Off
Mach Repr
507th QM Det Refr
546th SC Det Depot