5th Maintenance Crest Patch

Price: $5.45 + $2.00 shipping

This is an embroidered patch suitable for sewing on your jacket

These are made available by Walter Stevens. He can be reached through facebook.



Item 5

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This is a heavy mug with emblazoned 5th Maintenance Bn crest.

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Item 6


Price: Vol 1 $7.00 includes shipping
            Vol 2 $7.00
            Both Volumes $10.00


These DVDs are slide shows of pictures taken in and around the 5th Maint. compounds. The slides are arranged by years and those who took the pictures. There are two volumes.

Item 7

The Fairfax DVD

Price: $15.00

This DVD was made from an 8MM film taken by WO Fairfax and among other things, contains footage shot at the 526th CC&S the day after the April 68 sapper attack .