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Help us raise money for the 5th Maintenance Battalion Association

Join the 5th Maintenance Battalion Association

Everything on these PX pages can be ordered through the mail. List what you want and send it with a check to:

Mr. Ken Hamblin
59 North 2120 East Circle
St. George, UT, 84790


Gregory Chew
10 Central Ave.
Assonet MA 02702

You may also order all these items the old fasioned way, by mail. Click here for details.

We have formed a 5th Maintenance Bn Association to further our planning and financing of our reunions. As we found in 2010, a certain amount of money is required to get these reunions off the ground without putting the financial burden on our planner. An application can be downloaded here in pdf form ( Adobe Acrobat is a free program available on the internet) or can be printed from here. Application You may also join online It was vote in Nashville that the membership fee would be raised to $25.00 per year, the year would run from January to January.

1Year $25.00

2Years $50.00

Membership Options

Note **Joining the 5th Maintenance Bn association is not manditory! You will still be able and welcome to use the site and all that it contains including the Yahoo Group. Also as always, you will be more than welcome to join us at the reunions.


Limited Quantity!

5th Maintenance Battalion Unit Crest

The Association purchased all that were available. Order yours now.
Sold as a set of 2 as they were issued,
$30 including shipping.  
$24 to reserve your set now for pickup at the next Reunion
Send check made out to 5th Maintenance BN Association to:
R. Clinton
6720 Lake Pointe Dr.
Mineral, VA 23117


5th Maintenance Battalion hat. This is a constructed cap with an adjustable velcro closure on the back ----- $20.00 plus $3.50 shipping

This item is not available reorder in progress. (1/2/2014)

Order by mail, send check and address to:
put 5th Maint Bn Hat in the memo line

Gregory Chew
10 Central Ave.
Assonet MA 02702

Or order online below

Below are a few items you will recieve for your donations to the 5th Maintenance Battalion Association

One mug is $15 + $6 shipping. If you want more shipped to you it's $12.35 flat rate shipping plus $15 each for the mugs for as many as will fit in the box (at least 4). This is a Association funded project, 100% (less postage) of
your check goes to the Association Fund.


If you are interested, email Richard Clinton at r.clinton@5thmaintenancebn.com or contact him through the Face Book 5th Maint Bn group




This is a magnet suitable for use on a car or truck. It measures 8 1/2" X 11" ---------$10.00


The Fairfax DVD. This DVD has been made from an 8 MM film taken by WO George Fairfax. It contains footage of the aftermath of the April 1968 sapper attack on the 526th CC&S Co in Phu tai. -----------$15.00
in stock

No. 2
This is a DVD made by Greg Chew and contains a slide show of different companies of the 5th Maintenance Battalion. The pictures were submitted by a number of members of the Battalion. Approximately 1 hour in length

Volume 1---------------$10.00
in stock

No. 3
This is the second (Feb 2011) DVD made by Greg Chew and contains a slide show of pictures donated by former members of the Maintenance Battalion. Approximately an hour in length.

Volume 2 ---------------$10.00
in stock



Not in stock

This keyring is steel with a plastic dangle with the 5th Maintenance Battalion Crest on the front and on the back it has the 5th's units listed ------$5.00


Lest We Forget    A postcard sized magnet with the names of those 5th Maintenance Battalion members who gave their lives in Vietnam -----------------$2.00 In Stock

Challenge Coins

Cups and t-shirts are on hold as our supplier is no in business
Thank You For Your Support!!