The April 9th Sapper Attack

  "It was retaliation for the part the 526 played in quelling the sniper attacks in Qui Nhon during the TET offensive. I was at the airport and witnessed some of it first hand. That was when Willie Lincoln was wounded from shrapnel from one of our own rockets. But they managed to level the building with the M88. They drove in, backed out and drove in again with damage limited to the 50 cal. gun mount. It was related to me that someone I knew well, who had taught himself the Vietnamese language, showed a picture of a dead VC to one of the mama- sans, one I use to pick up daily to bring to the compound. She got mad and started yelling at him. She was unaware of his knowledge of the language. Seems the dead VC was a relative. He reported the incident and she along with another woman named Tran were arrested or detained and questioned. I was also told that a tunnel was found under one of the guard towers, the one nearest the pond. If true they were surly digging while I was still there. I left on March 17th. There, but for the grace of God go I. Another lucky break"..............Dick Sheppard