My name is Pastor Willie Nixon, I was there in the 526 CC&S company on April 9th 1968 in   Qui Nhon, during the sniper attack, I arrived at the 526 CC&S company in January 1968 and left in September 1968, I only had nine months left before I was to ETS from service.


In was early in the morning, about 2:30 AM, I couldn't sleep that night because I had a very bad feeling about the night. I don't know to this day why I felt that way, but I had a very uneasy feeling, I never liked the fact that we were at the base of the mountain, I always thought it was a very bad idea to put a unit at the base of the mountain, I have always wondered who's idea was it to put those buildings at the base of the mountains.
That night I was in bed with my boots my pants and a tee shirt on. About 2:30 AM in the morning all hell broke loose, the building I was in was blown up and burned to the ground, I lost everything I owned, except for what I had on.
They wouldn't let us keep any ammo, it was always under lock and key, but I always keep me a magazine clip full with ammo for my rifle, and boy! did it come in handy on that night. I ran to the left end of the building, I could see that everyone before me was being picked off one by one as they would attempt to run out of the building, I ran back to the other end of the building and as I was running back to the other end they blew it up, and was cutting everyone down that came out that end, I ran back to the other end again, ran out firing my weapon, and I ran to my assigned bunker, I could hear men crying like babies, and moans and groans, it was the longest morning ever, it seemed like forever. Finally daybreak came, you could still smell gun power and burnt flesh, the smell was awful.
I have lived with this night mare for over 40 years now, it seems as if was yesterday.

I thank God for saving me and others, it could have been worse, but God spared us, and for that I am grateful.


I remember Larry Jenkins, he was from Jacksonville, Florida he lived in the building that I was living in, we talked everyday, very nice guy, also John Babyak was from Yonkers, Ohio another nice guy, I pray for those guy's families even until this day.
I thank God for his Grace and his Mercy for all of us on that night.
To all of you that were in the 526 CC&S company may God Bless You.
Pastor Willie Nixon