Memories of the 526th

I was stationed at the 142nd MA, the medical/dental dispensary right behind your unit Feb 68 to Aug 68. I was one of the dentists there. I am certain at least the MD's had the opprotunity to meet some of you at morning sick call. I remember hearing all the shooting going on, wondering what was happening and later hearing about what had happened. We were in our bunkers, ready. A few members of your unit came over to the dispensary with the details. I recall lots of firing into the hill behind for some time after that and gun ships coming in and blasting the place. We had the opportunity to eat at your great mess hall on occasion and I also had a mule from one of your guys. It worked great but not as good as his. I used to drive it up the dirt road behind us over to your rear gate until the steering wheel came off in the turn in I drove into the bob wire. The 526th got its mule back. You had a guard tower right behind our showers and generator, which you provided fuel for. The 142nd was very thankful for all that was done for us my your unit. ..............Stephen Hull

I really did not go into much detail about my mule that I got from you but I had a blast with it until the steering wheel came off. Went
the 578th barbed wire. I wish I knew the 526 guy I got it from,
he worked out there in the yard, had a mule that was FAST. The 526 really did a lot for us. We ran off a generator and they always kept us fueled up and I believe also our water. Also at times we were blessed with being able to eat at the mess hall there. I recall all those potatoes. Peeled. We tried not to abuse our welcome but were always thankful when we got there. It was really a bad day and from then on, after the sapper attack...............Stephen Hull