I am not certain but the number killed at the 526th was either six or seven and I think it was six. That was a scary night. One guy hid in the cooler in the mess hall when the VC ran through the mess hall throwing satchel charges. One guy had a pistol put into his chest while he was in his bunk and it misfired twice. He then strangled the VC. The CO, Cpt Roy Mueller, emptied his M16 into his door and killed a VC trying to get into his hooch and Lt Adkins shot another in front of the COs hooch after he bailed out the back of his just as a satchel charge was tossed under his bunk. A house girl showed up the next morning and, encountering her slightly wounded GI boyfriend/employer said, " they weren't supposed to hurt you". Come to find out she was a VC sympathizer and had provided the VC with details of the 526 area. ................John T Brown III