The 5th Maintenance Battalion (DS) Association

At the Nashville reunion (Sept 2013) a meeting was held as in the past, to suggest and vote on a location for for the next year's reunion. Also other things were discussed such as group activities. To this end, we agreed we maybe needed a bit mor structure in our loose organization as our group is getting larger. It was decided by those present to elect 5th Maintenance Battalion Association officers. The following were nominated and elected to a two year term

The 5th Maintenance Battalion (DS) Association dues structure was also changed. As of 2014, the dues will be $25.00 yearly, payable in January. Those who have paid up dues before the change are good until their renewal dates. This, as always, will be voluntary and will not be a condition to attend reunions, use the website or use any of our message boards, however those not belonging to the Association will not have voting rights.

Association member applications can be printed from a web page. Application