These pictures are of an RPG hit on Main Support Co in 69
pictures by Jim Riggs


These seven pics were all taken from the same hit, it was a late evening attack and I'm going to say mid/late summer 1969. The attackers were probably a small but skilled rpg team. As I remember we were on high alert, the guards in the tower adjacent to the showers/crapper (picture2) had actually opened up with a burst from a 60 slightly before the rounds hit. The reason I say the rpg team was skilled was they were able to get close maybe 75 meters and they hit 3 buildings while looking into perimeter lights and coming under fire. The barracks in (picture4) was not as full as it could have been. The troop reduction had already started to some extent. (Picture3)shows our follow-up the next morning, MP's officials, ect. We found blood on the ground. The attackers were just across the road and basically just north of the
guard tower piss tubes. If you look at the roof damage to the em crapper in picture2 you can see how close that rpg came to the guard tower which I think was intended target. To my knowledge no one was in the em crapper when this happened. Please note in right side of (Picture3) the truck with a conex in the back. That conex had gun windows cut in it and sand bagged. The truck was a very improvised apc. Do you remember it? One final note....this hit was not related to the one where we blew away the whorehouse just northeast of the compound. Anyone in MSC summer/fall of 69 should remember it........Jim Riggs