5th Main Support Co, 5th Maint Bn    11/16/67 - 11/15/68

In the fall of 1968 two Enlisted Men in Supply and John T. Brown III were decorated by the ARVN in a ceremony held in front of the Battalion Headquarters. John was awarded the Vietnamese Honor Medal First Class.

Left to right

  • Maj from MACV Advisory Team - Qui Nhon
  • Lt Col Donald Kelley CO,5th Maintenance Bn
  • Col, Commander of MACV Advisory Team
  • Cpt John T. Brown III
  • Colonel, Army of the Republic of Vietnam
  • Two Spec 4s from Supply
  • Company XO

  • Left to right

  • Major, MACV Qui Nhon
  • Lt Col Donald Kelley, CO,5th Maint Bn
  • May Mabry, XO, 5th Maint Bn
  • Colonel, ARVN
  • Commander, MACV Qui Nhon
  • Cpt John T. Brown III
  • Two MSC Spec 4s
  • MSC Executive Officer
  • In the background can be seen the Counter Mortar Radar Repair Building, the
    Small Arms and Battery Repair shop and the Electronic Repair Shop.