618th Heavy Equipment Maintenance Co

The 618th HEM arrived in Vietnam as the 149 Ord Co from Ft Hood TX where they supported armor units. They arrived as part of the 169th Ord Bn in Qui Nhon . In July 1966 the COSTAR directive reorganized the Ordnance Battalions and their companies. The 169th Ord Bn became the 5th Maintenance Bn and the 149th Ord Co became the 149th Maintenance Co still attached to the 5th. Around this time the 149th was laying out a perimeter for their future home on QL 19 in Charang Valley. They moved to Charang Valley where they were redesignated 618th Heavy Equipment Maintenance Company and were assigned to the 86th Maint Bn.

(The 618th Ord Co, also a part of the 169th Ord Bn, became.lock stock and barrel, Main Support Co 5th Maint Bn)


Fred Garnes