Robert Joseph Sullivan

January 26, 1933 - September 12, 1967

Robert Joseph Sullivan was born in South Boston on January 26, 1933. Leaving high school before graduating, he joined the Marine Corp and served in Korea. He left the Marine Corp and was a civilian for several years before reenlisting, this time in the Army. His duty stations included Italy and Ft Belvoir, Virginia. At the time of his death his home of record was Kansas Ohio. In his 12 years as a career soldier, he rose to the rank of Staff Sargeant.

Robert Joseph Sullivan died September 12 1967, his first day assigned to the 554th Maintenance Co, in a vehicle crash listed as hostile. He was 34 years old and was survived by his wife and children..

Robert was laid to rest in Liberty Center Cemetery, Bascum, Ohio

On the Wall, Panel 26E Line 063