554th Lt Maint Co

I was in the 56th Signal Co. later changed to the 554th Light Maint, later changed back to 56th Sig. after I left. I was in Phu Tai valley in July 1965 Dec 66- I was going for 2 years but decided I had enough. I did alot of guard duty and shot gun on convoys to An Khe. We set up the ammo-petro-and c-rations for the Cav. The first convoys got wasted and the VC blew the bridges.  It was so damn hot up in the highlands that I burned my face like it was
shoved in a fire.

  I then got to work on test equipment after a few months till I left. We repaired radios, radar and test equipment. Our trucks were backed up to each other on a ramp. The 56th was all electronics-we had 12 ea 2 1/2 ton enclosed utility trucks with $100k of electronic gear-radar-radios-test equipment plus warehouse. We had twelve generators on wheels and two 100 KW generators. When they changed to 554 they brought flame thrower repair and mechanics-the reason flame throwers ?? The mechanics were to add radios and radar on trucks.

I know that the 554th was changed from late 66 to 56th in early 67. I sent for the history of 56th and they had a list of ribbons and awards and it didn't refer to the 554th, but kept the 56th thru the 64-5-6-7-8 + era.
 I helped build the big screen and the water tower.
We were near a huge rock and an RVN firing range. Next to us were the Medics, then the ROK Marines. ................. Lee Lewandowski

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56th Signal Company Lineage and Honors


The 554 th was fairly centralized excpt for one small group of guys that did Radar repair and FADAC (Field Artillery Digital Automated Computer) repair up near the DMZ. (see next page)I had more than a few experiences. I was at the 554th when the 526th got hit. They were right next door. It brought home the fact that no place in country was safe. Also, the Tet offensive, I have vivid memories of the ammo dump that was actually south of MSC going up......................Russell Allen

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Radar Repair Detachment

The 554th was closed down and consolidated with MSC in
about July 1968